In working together with you, we apply eco-systemic and multidimensional thinking and practices to ensure that the whole design process in developing a socio-cultural and digital organisational transformational strategy is; sustainable, accountable, traceable, transparent, socially just and ecologically safe.

We use eco-sustainable software technology to design a systemic and multi-dimensional transformational and developmental strategy. Software that are highly effective, flexible and adaptable to fit the specific needs of the new organisation, project or program.  

We start from the principle of co-designing a socio-cultural transformation, a new social innovation and digital transformational strategy to address and focus on the needs of your organisation. 

We work on establishing needs, key priorities, and grade the organization, or the business unit’s specific and detail challenges.

Deploying a reverse peer-to peer pyramid engagement strategy we transform our perspectives of our organizations in an agile and collaborative manner, aiming at constructing shared meaning, shared responsibilities to establish internal capabilities and intimate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

We design eco-systemic strategies focusing on the end user experience, an inclusive strategy of engagement, to represent the interest and needs of customers, consumers, and citizens.

In socio-cultural and digital transformation, we aim at including socially excluded groups and communities.


Eco cultural-digital transformation is not about technology, it is about people. In the XXI we are involved in major corporate socio-cultural digital transformational process.


We have valuable expertise in structuring digital transformational processes. We develop internal consultation processes, by inspiring intra-inter co-ownership of eco-social transformations, assure direct employees’ participation in the organisational cultural change and in establishing a business digital strategy.


  • We co-create and design together with you a digital pathway involving a socio-cultural organisational and leadership transformation to fuse strategic digital vision and business performance.

  • Customer, user, citizen experience and digital communication strategy.

  • Socio-digital transformation of your organization to transform, entrust and empower your people in the new online and virtual business world.

  • Deploy the art of analytics and data science to enhance innovation and design system impact evaluation of operations and performance.

  • Design digital business vision, by energizing transformational capabilities of employees with new beliefs systems, new thinking to visualize, new models and generate value added for digital user experience and engagement.

  • Quantum leap forward by intertwining an appropriate digital technology strategy and to synchronise it with your digital transformational strategy.

  • Regulatory governance, risk management and compliance, to protect client’s data, your data, from regulatory or security breach. Make it transparent, accountable, traceable, auditable and collaborative.


Cloud-based products and digital services are keeping businesses, governments, communities and non-profits functioning, and digitalization process are helping medium small businesses and independent entrepreneurs to serve their customers. We have a business subsidiary in to support our work.


We enhance the innovation and technological capabilities and talents of people to become the real owners of their own socio-cultural digital transformation in their organisation.


We deploy agile work best practices, to digitize processes and deliver better customer and end user value and experience. Data management processes and techniques that are pivotal in adding value to clients and customers.


We focus on process optimization and thematic issues, our approach involves data analysis, monitor, knowledge, input, automation and efficiency all which are central and connected to the business digital strategy.


We promote hubs of innovation and technologies (HIT) to cause a transformational shift in local structures, and seek a new eco-entrepreneurial culture initially but not exclusively through public resources to allow all local agents and forces to become involved.


Innovation it is about mobilizing and incentivizing local actors from the perspective of “Smart Specialization”, a concept created by the European Union and the OECD, to develop a "Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive" (SSI) growth based on what exists and works in a local area.


The components of a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive development are:

  • Innovation, technologies and local development of the digital knowledge economy, as bases for new competitive activities. Disseminate cutting-edge technologies to create new activities, inserting them in global value chains at home and abroad.

  • Digital transformation and artificial intelligence to contribute to the identification of trends that emerge successfully.

  • Co-participatory regional governance (a bottom-up model) that extends to all “living local forces”.


National, regional and local governments and bodies are key stakeholder in an innovation ecosystem, they can play a decisive role in facilitating an inclusive process of social and digital transformation.


An innovative ecosystem where start-ups, accelerators and incubators are deeply connected with centres of excellence, research bodies, local businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organizations.


We can provide technical and innovation expertise, human and infrastructure resources, capabilities, project management experience, communication strategies, secure international co-operation, to transform a specific challenge into a measurable successful implementation.


Our leadership approach and work go beyond male binary leadership practice itself by intertwining three dimensional approaches; eco-systems, consciousness, and creativity as unifying dimensions. Our work accounts for the multi-dimensional, multi-sensorial, multi-disciplinary nature of eco-humane transformation


We design and facilitate transformational and innovative developments based on creating a safe-space, that is deeply inclusive and inspire people to co-learning.  


We help leaders to go beyond established pre-ordained and predetermined belief systems and thinking foundations. We support and coach local, regional and global leaders to develop new belief systems and new thinking foundations, to acquire the ability to develop new quality questions, quality conversations, new quality actions, by learning how to enhance the quality of human connections.


Our new leaders develop new capabilities to assess what is emerging and realize that nothing is impossible, that ultimately transformation is not a choice, it is a necessity. 


We have conceptualised a methodology based on the following principles; develop and sustain an inclusive safe space, generate conditions for shared meaning, seek open observations of diverse perceptive of reality, develop a quality connectivity-conductivity for collective co-learning and actions, imagine and design eco-systemic solutions, collective biomimetics (embodiment of eco-systems by teams, groups, and communities).


Beyond Leadership is about, co-imagining, co-energising, co-inspiring, co-learning, co-creating, co-innovating, co-labouring, co-action, co-own, and co-elect.


We deploy our most advanced knowledge and experience of new science; neuro-plasticity, epigenetic, quantum and systemic thinking, biology of human critical learning, process of self-awakening, self-awareness, and collective consciousness.


The world has fundamentally shifted into the unknown, an organisation will never be the same again.  The very organisational foundations that shaped the culture of business and human relationships in XX is shifting irreversibly. We believe that organisational transformation involving lasting changes is here to stay.


TRUST YOUR PEOPLE. How to develop and sustain mutual trust and co-responsibilities particularly in remote and virtual workings, both in time of emergencies and beyond?  How to equip, re-skill and allow your people to co-participate and engage in the decision-making process? 

Team members are part of organisational decision-making process, they need to be given co-responsibility, to have a positive environment to generate motivation and a sense of common and shared purpose.


The time is now for organizations to undertake the necessary actions adapt to the new reality and to seek more flexibly ways of operating.


Trusting your people is the key, employees and colleagues can help each other by co-learning new responsibilities or by taken on new jobs.  We create a quality space to enhance trust and respect for all parties to engage in dialogues and secure a shared meaning, a clear sense of a co-learning purpose.


New leaders to give them the resources, the support, and a sense of purpose needed for people to equip themselves; i.e. with the use of technologies such as co-learning mobile apps make it easy to be used. You can count on us to achieve the best in co-learning and re-skilling.


Ecuanime senior international consultants, are available to conduct specific international business consultancy work, digital transformational processes as well as new organisational developments.

Our top professionals are well experienced international managers in their own rights, they are versatile, skilled, experts in a variety of disciplines. We offer you a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and systemic approaches.


We conduct digital transformational consultancy work, leadership and organizational digital coaching and training programs, webinars, conferences in a variety of fundamental issues concerning the transition from exclusive digitization into a participatory and socio-inclusive digital work to develop key practical foundations and shared solutions.


We are professional consultants, experienced human conductors seeking to collaborate and to co-create appropriate shared solutions. We aim to work and establish partnerships with clients, customers, end users and citizens.


We create a safe space to enhance trust, credibility, respect for all parties to engage in dialogues, to secure a shared meaning and collaborate with a clear sense of a digital transformational strategic purpose.


We deploy a reverse peer-to peer pyramid engagement, transforming our respective organizations in an agile and collaborative manner.


We aim at constructing shared responsibilities to establish internal capabilities and intimate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.



We count with the very best in coaching. Experienced and knowledgeable and fully qualified professionals that have years of practical work and a wealth of engaging in both life, executive and organisational coaching.

We make a direct and immediate impact, you will get to know yourself better, you will increase you level of awareness, consciousness and ultimate wisdom. You can deploy the learnings in private, professional, social, and entrepreneurial environments.


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