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Conscious Conversations


Worldwide experts in digital transformation, international business development,

smart geolocalize territorial innovation.


We develop qualitative personal awareness which reconnect our mind, our bodies, our spirit with the whole (wholeness)


Your mind controls your beliefs and your beliefs controls your behaviour, your attention, you intentions, your actions. Consciousness, is the foundational architecture of your and society transformational processes.


We co-design and co-develop new belief systems, new thinking foundations to impact your  emerging personal and collective regenerative solutions that makes the existing models obsolete.

New science XXI, has shifted the process of personal, sociocultural, ecohumane  transformation, by coupling ancestral science and wisdom with new technologies and scientific advancements as an irreversible process of human consciousness and empowerment.


In the XXI, we are in a new systemic and multidimensional historical cycle,  a new  emerging sociocultural ecohumane transformational shift, which reconnect the whole of yourself, with others, with mother earth. Nature is intertwined and is inseparable with humanity, (wholeness)  

Our purpose is to open safe spaces, time to unlearn, co-relearn, secure new quality energy to enact a process of personal, societal, entrepreneurial responsibility and enhance transformational consciousness.

 This transformations are the hardest human challenges ever to be undertaken.


We have developed innovative holistic  concepts and practices such as;

Sistema Sapien, New Science,

Human Conductivity,  Geo-Semantics


We deploying the architecture of multidimensionality, multi-sensoriality,

trans-disciplinarity, multi perspectives to enhance the quality of our personal and relational awareness


We seek an organisational transformational

process, for the benefit of mother earth,  to co-create new societal environment to develop qualitative human empowerment.


We deploy new ecohumane conscious practices aiming at transforming utilitarian and transactional narratives into new relational actions as a mean of improving  personal and social responsibility.


We design production and consumption strategies which start deeply from the perspective of human well-being, (wholeness) not the individual purchasing power (fragmentation). New practices that are eco-socio sustainable, earth regenerative and socially responsible solutions.

We deploy smart geolocalize innovation territorial strategies, transforming your voice, your opinion into practical inclusive and direct participation.


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